There’s absolutely no doubt that children love to paint. Regardless of the age, children love to dip their fingers in paint and watch the colours come to life on paper. Painting is a great way to boost creativity in young children. Along with this, it is fun and soothing activity. However, there is more than just one single way that kids can have fun with and paint. All you have to do is, buy a watercolor sketchbook online and teach them to explore different painting activities. Here are 3 awesome painting activities that is sure to spark creativity in children.

  1. Painting with Tools – Who said painting could only be done with a paint brush? With so many different ways to apply paint, brushes seem a little old school. Teach children to use tools like pom-poms, kitchen items, rollers, scrub and much more. This will spark interest and is a tad bit more fun than traditional painting.
  2. Splatter Painting – Painting can be messy, yet so much fun. If you have any prior experience, then you must have noticed that children find delight in just splattering paint. Allow kids to splatter or drip paint through some pages of a drawing bookor a canvas. Seeing different paint colours merge together forming new colours and shapes is sure to excite the little ones.
  3. Salty Watercolors – Did you know that salt could be a fun addition to a painting session? Encourage children to sprinkle some salt while they are painting. Once the painting has dried, dust of the salt. Children will get to see the different shapes and effects that salt adds to their painting.

There are a lot of other fun ways that children can explore with paint. Give these 3 painting techniques a go and see how much children end up loving it. Plus, these activities spark a lot of creativity, which is great benefit for growing children.