When it comes to colouring, most children start with crayons as the primary medium. Crayons are easier to hold and are not too big, which makes them the perfect colouring medium for kids. However, crayons are not just for little kids. If your child is showing a great deal of interest in colouring, crayons can be used as a great source to boost their artistic skills. Here are the various advanced colouring techniques with crayons that children can make use of.


1. Scribble Designs

Colouring does not particularly mean that children need to draw perfectly. Give them a drawing book and ask them to draw random shapes and patterns overlapping each other. Ask them to colour in these shapes with different crayon colours. This will teach them to colour within the lines – regardless of how big or small the shape is.


2. Double or Triple Stripes

To add a more creative aspect to colouring, and to make colouring more fun – teach your child how to create double or triple stripes. Tape 3-4 crayons together and ask your child to use that as a drawing tool. This will make it easier for them to draw multiple lines or stripes.


3. Create New Colours

One of the biggest advantage of colouring for kids is that it teaches them about the different colours from a very early age. However that is not. You can teach them to create new colours with the help of crayons. Get them a box of crayons and ask them to colour randomly with different colours overlapping each other. As they keep adding a new colour, ask them to notice how the colour changes. This will teach them what new colours are created when they mix certain colours.


4. Teach Them to Colour in a Consistent Direction

Colouring in different direction results in a lot of white incomplete patches. If your child has learnt how to maintain a firm grip, teach them how to colour in a consistent direction. Colouring in a single direction gives a neat and smooth finish to the entire drawing.