It is no hidden fact that children show a different level of enthusiasm for every subject that they are taught at school. Some children love math, while some hate it. Likewise, some children enjoy history, while some find it extremely boring. This cycle repeats with every single subject. However, there is a way that children can integrate art into their everyday subject to make learning absolutely fun and easy! Who knew that drawing, painting and colouring can be integrated into everyday subjects to make learning more fun? Here are some ways you can incorporate art into your child’s study time to boost creativity.

Art with Math

Math is easily one of the most difficult subjects that children take time getting used to. Not all children can grasp the concept of additions, multiplications and subtractions. If your kid is just learning numbers, then ask them to colour drawings of various numbers. Likewise, if the concept is something a bit more complex – like geometry, you can use shapes like circles, triangles and squares to explain the concept.


Science teaches children everything about nature and our ecosystem. Get your child a pencil drawing book and ask them to draw and colour/paint birds, animals, fruits, trees and everything else that they are learning. The shapes, colours and textures will help them understand the subject in a visual form.


This subject is all about planet earth. It teaches kids about the various continents, oceans, countries, states and cities. It can get difficult for a child to differentiate between the flag of New Zealand and the flag of Australia. When they draw and colour flags from a young age, they grasp and memorise it quickly. The same process can also be used for maps.