Children love to draw and explore with paints and colours. From a very young age, you will see kids pick up pencils and crayons to randomly scribble away on a piece of paper. However, some kids tend to show more enthusiasm towards drawing. If your child has shown an obvious fondness for drawing, then as parents you can help to develop their skills. Wondering what you can do to improve your child’s drawing skills? Here are some amazing and super friendly drawing techniques for kids that your child is sure to love. All you need is some drawing books for kids along with pencils and crayons. Take a look!

  • Start from an early age. You can teach young toddlers when they come of age on how to hold a pencil or a crayon properly. This is also great for developing motor skills.
  • Set it off with shapes. Shapes are the building foundation for any drawing or sketch. Teach them to draw different shapes like square, rectangle, circle, triangle and much more. Once your child is comfortable with these shapes, they can use their creativity to explore further.
  • Another easy technique as parents is to – draw with your child. You can hold their hands and teach them how to move their hands while drawing. Similarly, you can also draw along with your child to further encourage their interest.
  • Do not bind your child to a specific shape or thought. Let them explore their own creative ideas. This will allow them to draw with even more confidence.
  • Likewise, also allow them to make mistakes. There is no right or wrong when it comes to art. So, if you kid draws something that is not proportionally or conceptually correct, praise their efforts rather than pointing out towards their mistakes.
  • If your child is comfortable and has shown excellent drawing skills, teach them advanced techniques like shading and cross-hatching. Make sure to appreciate and celebrate their progress.