Just like adults, even children need a push in the right direction to understand who they are and what they feel. They enjoy exploring and finding the answers to the questions they are curious about. Art offers the perfect platform for children to experiment, explore beyond boundaries and forget about rules. However, not all children are immediately interested in drawing, painting, or even dancing. As parents, it becomes vital to encourage your child to spread their wings and explore their creative side. Take a look at some of the ways in which you can push your child to fall in love with art.

  • Order a drawing colouring book with some crayons and paints and let your child experiment with it. Do not constraint them with your thoughts, give them the space to discover their creative side and ideas. If you see your child take an interest, you can offer them other materials such as – colour pencils, watercolours, markers, coloured paper and much more.
  • Teach them to take inspiration from the nature. Tell them to look at the clouds and the shapes that they form, or the colour of the sky during sunset or sunrise. They can later on use nature as inspiration for their drawings and sketches.
  • Give them a drawing book and different mediums of paints and colours. Ask them to choose one among these various mediums and explore with that. Doing this everyday
  • Use pictures to tell stories to your kids instead of words and sentences.
  • Take a sketch book and draw or paint alongside with your child. When your child will see you draw, even they will get encouraged to do the same.