Kids enjoy painting. What’s not to love? It is messy plus they get to see different colours come to life. When it comes to painting, finger painting is one of the most fun activity for kids. It is a relaxing activity for kids and enhances their fine motor skills. There are different benefits to finger painting. Get your child a painting sketch book and explore this creative activity. Here’s how finger painting can be extremely fun and beneficial for kids.

  • It develops their fine motor skills. Finger painting is a tactile – children develop senses like touch, smell, sight and feel.
  • Finger painting is a great way for children to learn and explore with new colours. Mixing new colours will allow children to learn how new colours can be created. They especially learn how to mix primary colours.
  • It is a relaxing and therapeutic experience. Plus, it is a great way for children to explore their creative side.
  • It is a great way for children to develop their cognitive skills, strengthen their finger and hand muscles.
  • Along with colours, children also learn about shapes and spatial relationships.
  • Overall, it is a fun activity that children are sure to love.