With the rapid rise in technology and innovation, children are more interested in owning an iPad or tablet rather spending their free time drawing or sketching. However, drawing is way more than just a creative activity. It allows children to develop motor skills, express their thoughts, boosts their imagination levels and much more. Gift your child a drawing book and encourage them to draw on a regular basis. You are sure to notice a creative difference in your little one. However, if your child does not enjoy drawing, here are a few tips that will get them to fall in love with it. Here’s what you have to do:

  • Do not limit your child only with pencil and paper. Get your child an amazing pencil drawing bookwith colour pencils, crayons, sketch pens, charcoal, chalk, and much more. Seeing and getting the opportunity to experiment with so many materials is sure to spark an interest in children.
  • Do not tell them what to draw. Let them draw what they want to. Once they are done with their drawing, ask them to explain what their drawing is all about, this will also improve their story-telling skills. This can go on to help them good public speakers in the future.
  • Ask your child to notice the different shapes in an object and how those shapes give a form to the object. This will help them understand simple geometry and observe minor details before they start drawing.
  • Appreciate their efforts even if the outcome is not what they expected it to be. Drawing is all about techniques. It is important to adapt to these techniques before the end result turns out to be perfect.
  • Do not draw in their drawing book to teach them something new. Their drawing book has to be their personal platform where they can explore their creativity. If you draw in their book, they are sure to compare it with their drawings.