Not a lot of parents think of teaching their little ones to draw from an early age. However, drawing for kids does not just enhance creativity, but also develops fine motor skills. Children can be taught from a very young age. As parents it can get a little difficult to teach your kids to draw when they are only learning how to hold a pencil properly. To make things simpler, here are the different ways in which parents can teach their little toddlers to draw.


1. Start Simple

Drawing does not mean that you have to teach your kids how to draw birds, animals or an entire landscape scenery. Start extremely simple. Teach your kids how to hold a pencil properly and how to draw straight lines. Once they are comfortable with lines and scribbles, move to simple shapes likes circles or squares. Keep it as simple as possible.


2. Show Them How to Do it

When you teach them something new, show them how to do it. Tell them how they are supposed to hold the pencil and how much pressure they are supposed to apply. While drawing, hold their hand and show them how to draw for the first few times. Once they are confident and understand the techniques, they start exploring by themselves.


3. Encourage Them

Drawing does not happen overnight. Some kids learn how to draw in a matter of months, while some take time. However, if your child is showing an obvious interest in drawing, encourage them. Praise them for their efforts and give them tips on how they can do better. This will keep them interested to do better.


4. Add it to Their Routine

Make sure to add drawing to their everyday routine. Set some time apart everyday for them to sit and just draw. A routine will ensure that they develop a drawing habit.