From a very young age, children show interest in picking up a pencil and just scribbling on a piece of paper. Most parents wonder how important could drawing stick figures be important for a child’s development. However, drawing plays an extremely vital role for every growing child and parents as well as teachers should encourage kids to spend time with some pencil colours to explore their artistic side. Now, the question directly comes to – why? Here are some of the top beneficial reasons why drawing for children is significant.

Enhances Cognitive Process

Drawing is one of the best creative activities for children to develop their knowledge and visual skills. While drawing, children imagine what they want to draw, the shapes they will have to use, and the story they are trying to portray. All these things put together are a great way for children to enhance their cognitive process.

Establishes Concentration

Drawing is definitely a fun and calm activity for children of all age groups. Nevertheless, one of the biggest advantages of drawing is that it teaches children to concentrate. Learning to concentrate from a young age can be beneficial for academic success and for achieving results in tasks that require a lot of focus.

Creative Problem Solving

Drawing is much more than just random shape and stick figures in a drawing book. While drawing, children analyze the best way to portray their thoughts, how they can connect shapes, what colours& will justify their drawing. This will encourage children to develop creative problem-solving skills.

Develops Motor Skills

Right from just random stick figures to proper drawings, children automatically develop excellent motor skills. Drawing improves hand-eye coordination as well as teaches children to fine-tune their finger muscles. While drawing children make use of their hands, fingers and wrist all at once to hold the grip steady.