Most children these days spend their time in front of the TV or an iPad. Rewind to a couple of years back when children enjoyed playing in the open field or scribbling on paper. Drawing for children is not just about creating shapes and filling in colours. It is much more than that. In this digital age, it has become extremely vital for parents to encourage children towards art. It is a way for children to freely express themselves. Interestingly, drawing, sketching or any form of art is a nonverbal form of communication and it plays a major role in every growing child.

With art, children are introduced to new materials. This allows them to think and explore their creativity. From a very young age, they learn how to use these materials, hold pens, draw shapes on paper and much more. The colours and shapes that they use could be a direct reflection of their mood.

It has been observed that children who draw or paint always have some hidden message in their artwork. They use their imagination and feelings to express their thoughts. There are a lot of various reasons why children should spend time doing art. It helps them explore their creative side. Additionally, while drawing children think about the shapes and colours that they should use. This embeds decision-making skills which will play a major role when they grow up.

As parents, it is advised to encourage your kids to spend time doing art. Their creative side will also help them develop real-life skills. Your child also learns to think out-of-the-box when put in any situation.  Plus, while art is most definitely messy, children enjoy it to a great extent!