There are quite a lot of reasons why children should spend time doing art. It can boost their creativity, motor skills, conversational skills and much more. Painting is one such activity that has so many positive impacts on children. Painting for the first time is always a great & fun experience for kids. If your child is painting for the first time, then here are some tips that are sure to help every young artist.

Allow Bigger Strokes

Children get nervous while painting if they are asked to make smaller strokes that could easily get messy. To avoid this, start with bigger strokes. A kids painting book is big enough to allow children the freedom to explore with bigger strokes. Allowing them to get messy and paint freely will boost their confidence. This is an easy way to prepare children before they start making use of smaller strokes.

Only Use Paints

Most painting activities require the use of pencils and erasers. While this is okay for advanced drawing, it is not so practical for children who are painting for the first time. Pencil sketches will limit the exploration space and will end up causing frustration for kids when they fail to paint within the lines. If a child is drawing for the first time, encourage them to use only paints. This will also put them at ease with the colours and brushes. Once they are ready, you can use outlines to sharpen their painting skills.

Allow them to Explore Tools & Surfaces

Drawing books for kids are definitely the best options when it comes to painting. However, to allow children to enhance their creativity, let them explore with different tools and surfaces. When kids paint on different surfaces like cardboard, canvas and wood surfaces – they understand how paint works on different textures. Furthermore, allow kids to also use different fun tools like sponges, bubble wrap, glue, feathers and much more. This will add a fun element to their painting sessions.