Children are extremely curious by nature. Their curiosity to explore how things work allows them to understand basic concepts from an extremely young age. Without a doubt, art and crafts are fun for kids. Children have a blast dipping their fingers in paint and smearing colours on paper. Give a child a kids drawing book and they are sure to have a blast! When kids take part in hands-on activities which consists of arts and crafts, they don’t just develop creative skills. But, they also advance and learn on several fundamental levels. Here are some of the top 5 reasons why art plays a major role in child development and how it will help them develop skills they will require as adults.

  • Art broadens thinking and allows children to analyze, describe and interpret things creatively.
  • Children learn how to express their feelings and emotions without the need to communicate.
  • Art can be looked at from multiple points of view; this allows children to understand that there could be more than one right answer to a question.
  • Art is a great influence in developing analytical and logical skills. Children learn to decipher between colours, size, shape and spatial reasoning.
  • Kids get a better understanding of how to coordinate hand and eye movements this enhances cognitive development.
  • And most importantly, art is fun!

If your child is interested in art, do not hold them back! Give them the freedom to explore their artistic creations. This could be a great confidence boost for your child.