Children are very artistic and creative by nature. They see things from perspectives that even we as adults fail to see. If you see that your child is interested in art, get them a few materials and see them explore their creative side. If you are confused about what basic art materials to get for your child, this list will make it easy for you. This list contains the most basic must-have art materials that your little toddler is sure to love.

Drawing Book: Whether it is a drawing book or a kids painting book, get your child something that they can draw, colour or paint in. Along with drawing books, you can also give them coloured papers, cardboards, thermocol, chart paper and much more to explore.

Watercolour Paints: Painting is the messiest yet the most fun activity for children. Get a pack of watercolour paints for your little one and let them explore the world of paint.

Oil Pastels: Another interesting art activity that kids enjoy is colouring. Oil pastels are easy and smooth to use. Plus, the colours always look bright which is sure to captivate your child’s interest.

Glue: Glue is not an art material that anyone would think of or that comes to the mind easily. However, it is a great art material that children can explore with. There are lots of fun art activities that kids can explore with glue. They are good for making collages and structures. Plus, squeezing glue on a piece of paper and painting on it once it has dried is a fun activity that kids will enjoy.

Clay: Clay might seem messy, but it is absolutely fun. Children are sure to have fun sculpting and moulding clay. The stretchy and squishy texture adds to the excitement. Allowing your kids to play with clay every once in a while is also a great way for children to develop their motor skills.