Every growing child shows a lot of interest and enthusiasm in their creative abilities. Children enjoy splashing paint or scribbling away on a piece of paper or a drawing book. They seem to absolutely enjoy these messy moments. Parents should always encourage their little ones to develop and explore their artistic skills. This automatically brings us to the question – why should your child invest their time in drawing and sketching? Art plays a huge role in every child’s growing years. It enhances their cognitive, sensory-motor, emotional and social skills. Here are 5 important benefits of drawing for your growing child.

  • While art does play a significant role in creativity, it also boosts their imagination levels. Imagination is such a fundamental aspect for a growing child – it helps them create different scenarios and images in their head. While drawing, every kid has to use their imagination. This teaches kids how to make use of their creativity and gives them the space to express their emotions.
  • Most often, children find it difficult to express the emotions that they are feeling. Drawing is a great platform for kids to openly express themselves. The shapes and colours that they use while drawing is a reflection of their mood. This develops emotional intelligence in every child.
  • If you inculcate a drawing habit in your child from a very young age, it can sharpen up their motor skills. They learn how to hold a crayon or a pencil and how to create shapes on paper. Eventually, this improves their hand-to-eye coordination and they learn how to control their moments effortlessly.
  • Children find joy in the smallest of things. Gift your child one of the best sketchbook for pencil with some colour pencils, and their eyes immediately lighten up. They enjoy scribbling and doodling, this is a great source of delight and motivation for your kid.