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Cialis has gained a reputation for its safety as well. Although taking Cialis can be painful and even fatal, it does seem to be much safer on the market than other similar drugs.

Cialis for Anxiety

For those who are tired of taking pills on a frequent basis, Cialis has a unique combination of safety and efficacy that seems to appeal to patients who suffer from excessive anxiety.

As a supplement, Cialis has the same strength, content and potency of other prescription medications. Many users experience insomnia, moodiness and depression when not taking at least one pill.

Cialis makes up for those deficiencies by increasing the length of the effects in a natural way and maintaining its effectiveness for multiple hours. Users report that Cialis does have “anesthetic” and healing properties that increase energy and overall well-being. Cialis is widely recommended as a pain reliever and mood-stabilizer as well (although there are some studies questioning the claim or that Cialis actually helps to alleviate anxiety).

Cialis for Depression

The effectiveness of Cialis varies widely depending on exactly what type of depression the user is suffering from (e.g. chronic pain without relief, anxiety and depression). There are some studies which demonstrate that regular and intense Cialis use can even provide relief from depression and reduce anxiety for those with moderate depression.

Cialis has a unique mechanism for dealing with depression. Because Cialis is derived from the roots of the Cinchona root-flower family, the active ingredient in Cialis is a compound that is similar to the antidepressant citalopram. The compound, called CIME, is the active ingredient in Cialis that is able to help alleviate depression, while also promoting a feeling of restful sleep. (Citalopram, in contrast, is able to produce an intense high-stress response while at the same time promoting insomnia, and can also cause sleep disturbances while taking it as well.)

Cialis for Attention Deficit Disorder

According to recent research, Cialis has been proven to increase concentration levels even in otherwise-silent patients with Attention Deficit Disorder. Additionally, research also suggests that Cialis acts a strong stimulant to the brain while it helps relax the muscles of the arm, leg and neck. Although these effects are not yet proven to work as well for people with conditions such as Tourette’s or Parkinson’s Disease,

There are multiple options to take Cialis, and there are many companies now that manufacture Cialis, but the basic ingredients of Cialis exist. Cialis pills are sold as:


(Natural or synthetic)


(Natural or synthetic: Amphetamines).


(Natural or synthetic)


(Natural or synthetic)


(Natural or synthetic)


(Natural or synthetic: Epinephrine, a drug that can be given as soon as 4 hours beforehand to calm the heart to decrease pain. This pill contains 5mg of epinephrine).


(Natural or synthetic: Methamphetamines).


(Natural or synthetic: Xanax).

Divalproex (Cialis 2+):

(Natural or synthetic)


(Natural or synthetic: Dexedrine, a substance used to promote dopamine release in the brain).


(Natural or synthetics: IBU’s like Ethafen. The main ingredient in IBU).

Cholinium Chloride:

(Natural or synthetic)

Stilnox® (A drug that is sometimes added before the pills for increased side effects).


(Natural or Synthetics): a medicine that helps control tremors. A dose of 1.8mg is added to Cialis tablets to help prevent tremors before sex.


(Natural or Synthetic): the brand name of Cialis 2+ pills. Trazodone is prescribed for opiate withdrawal and can help with anxiety and depression.

Ipilimumab (Cialis 2+): this drug treatment is available to be used twice daily prior to and/or during sex in women in pregnancy. This drug is prescribed for HIV/AIDS and treatment resistant forms of malaria. The drug is commonly used at a dose of 4 to 5 tablets per day (a dosage that is often taken at bedtime). Some people have reported that the drug increases their appetite in certain ways.
Cialis is also a fantastic choice for those who enjoy a lot of sexual partners because, along with its benefits, it is also a great anti-depressant.

If you have any specific concerns about the drug, or any side effects that Cialis may cause, you can contact your prescribing doctor at a local pharmacy with your request.

What are the possible side effects?

Cialis can cause dizziness, headache, nausea, heart palpitations, dizziness, headache, insomnia, constipation, stomach pain, vomiting, hyperthermia, and even severe stomach and kidney damage when used in excess by someone with kidney disease.

The side effects include:



Liver troubles



Abdominal pain


Chronic headaches or headaches lasting two to four days

Heart palpitations

Heart attacks

Elevated blood pressure and/or heart rate

Skin pain


Irregular heartbeat, fast heartbeat

Irritable bowel syndrome

Migraine pain

The side effects of Cialis may also go unnoticed by other users. Many users just start using Cialis without their doctors’ knowledge or warnings. So, you can never be sure of what might actually happen to you from these side effects.

How can I take Cialis?

Just as with any other medication, do not take Cialis if you are pregnant or plan to become pregnant or breastfeeding. Cialis should be cut off within six months of your last sexual activity, or if you are taking cialis prior to becoming pregnant or are breast-feeding, within two weeks of your last time with sexual intercourse.

Cialis should not be used with:

Intravenous contraceptives (IUDs, implants)

Pregnant or breastfeeding women

A blood pressure medicine

Hormonal medications, including a thyroid medicine, beta blockers, or a beta-blocker


Heart failure medication

A corticosteroid

A pain medicine

Other herbal or botanical medicines, including:

Antidepressants (especially SSRIs)


Antihistamines (such as Ambien, Anafranil, Focortin 10 and others Cialis can reduce your overall risk of heart attack risk factors as long as they are taken by the right dose or every other day.

While other similar medications commonly provide only a few hours of effectiveness, Cialis has been reported to be active even up to 36 hours after consumption. It became highly popular among those who wanted to have a romantic weekend but didn’t wish to be burdened with trying to remember to take a pill every time they desired to have sex. Cialis is definitely a great alternative for those annoyed by having to take multiple pills over and over again in order to enjoy sexual activity over a longer period of time. Cialis can reduce your overall risk of heart attack risk factors as long as they are taken by the right dose or every other day. No Side Effects. While having cialis pills in your body can do something for most people; it can also do a lot for health professionals. Cialis can lower your risk of the common cardiovascular diseases of atherosclerosis (bad cholesterol), stroke and coronary heart disease as well as increase your total cholesterol to avoid dangerous statins. Cialis is not a substitute for the use of other non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs like aspirin or ibuprofen, as its anti-inflammatory effect also prevents inflammation of the heart. The side effects to note when taking Cialis include sweating, nausea, constipation, constipation that spreads, weight loss, dizziness and even mild headache if your heart has become damaged by the prescription pill. Many people find Cialis easier for them to take at first when taking over and over because of its anti-inflammatory effect and lack of any side effects. If symptoms like burning and redness continue to occur, Cialis may be worth considering another option. Cialis Pill

While giving birth can be a stressful and demanding experience, many mothers choose to take Cialis when they feel anxious and unable to do so without the medication tadalafil tablets online. Cialis can be used for short term situations when you need to keep your blood pressure down or if you are experiencing a fever. Those with blood clots may choose to use Cialis to help clear out an enlarged blood clot instead of taking the anti-hypertensive or anti-arrhythmic drug Prilosec to stay hydrated. Cialis is also thought to help protect against stroke and heart attack risk factors.

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low testosterone

endometriosis Some companies have attempted to sell Cialis as a prescription medication – but Cialis is clearly a product of its time and its popularity is still well above the current FDA standards for any kind of pharmaceutical product. While it is still recommended that patients take less than 24 hours after consumption, and to follow an alternate method if possible, it is worth noting that Cialis is not likely to cause any harm. What Does Cialis Actually Do? Since taking Cionicine , a research has discovered that it may help in preventing heart attacks, strokes, strokes in the lungs, stroke in the brain or the heart muscle. Cialis does not stop blood circulation. In fact it can prevent them by helping regulate the blood vessel in the brain, which is what is happening with the Cialis. Cialis does not cause the heart or lungs to stop pumping blood, however, you should consult your doctor before taking Cialis if you think your heart is going to stop for a period of time. Is It Effective? Cialis has proven to be effective among people suffering from problems such as: Rheumatism

Low testosterone

Low sperm count

Erectile dysfunction While it is true that Cialis is effective in preventing these conditions, it can also cause serious side effects if given excessively. It was banned by many health care companies after being shown to cause serious complications. The use of Cialis has also led to many heart attacks and stroke causing problems in some, but not all, cases. What is the Use of Cialis in Cancer Diagnosis? Cialis is used in prostate cancer diagnosis to stop the progression of the disease. Because cancer cells aren’t able to develop in a standard test tube or in a small surgical vessel, when cancer cells become resistant to testosterone, Cialis stops the cell growth and stops the progression. However, it will work just as well if the cancer cells have already established control over reproduction when Cialis is given to protect them from being rejected. It should be noted that the effects of Cialis on fertility may actually be less effective if used before patients achieve the male sexual marker as shown in an article from the Harvard Women’s Health Journal from February of 2013. According to Cialis’s own website.