All of us have an imagination that allows us to create different scenarios in our minds. However, children tend to have a highly curious mind when compared to adults. They see something new and they immediately put themselves to work to explore and analyze. This curious nature in every child allows their mind to explore and experiment. Art is a great way for children to develop their creative and cognitive skills. There is no right way to go about art; it is all about free play, experimentation and creativity. Here’s why children should discover their artistic talents at a very young age.

Real-life Skills: Whether it is drawing for children, music, dancing, or painting, anything to do with art develops real life skills. These activities are great for improving social skills, coordination skills, motor skills and creative thinking in a child.

Freedom to Express: A child can make use of art as their voice. Children find it easier to express their feelings and emotions through their art. This makes them feel heard and understood – which is extremely great for their self-esteem.

Sense of Accomplishment: When a child spends hours working on a project – building it into something beautiful, they automatically achieve a sense of accomplishment. This instils confidence in a child’s mind from a very early age.

Decision Making:Art is just as important when it comes to problem-solving and critical-thinking skills; it helps them achieve real benefits. Children start questioning themselves on basic things like – what colour combinations could work the best? What kind of music will allow them to express what they feel? Learning to make decisions will most definitely help them in their adulthood.