In today’s world it has become extremely vital to have some creative skills. Creative skills are a great way to enhance cognitive, emotional, physical and social development. When children are put into creative fields from a very young age, they garner all these skills. And when we think of something creative there is absolutely nothing better and nothing as fun as ART! Whether it is drawing, painting or dancing – art teaches children to look at things from different perspectives. If as parents, you are thinking about encouraging your children in art, here are some more reasons that will help you with your decision.

They Develop Observational Skills

Give your child a pencil drawing book and notice how they develop observational skills. Drawing requires children to concentrate and observe objects before they draw. This helps them visualize shapes and colours in their mind and also makes a drastic boost in their observational skills.

Reflective Questioning

You must have definitely noticed that children are extremely inquisitive by nature. They ask questions that even we must not have taught off. Has a child ever asked you questions like – why is the sky blue and not red? Why do fishes live in water and not on land? This inquisitive nature gives us an insight into a child’s emotions and thoughts. Likewise, children make use of art bring their creative thoughts and ideas to life. There are no limitations to art and children are free to explore to their heart’s content.

Improves Discussion Skills

Art is an extremely great topic for discussion. Children learn to listen to various points of view as well as add their opinion to it. Art discussions make it easier for children to express what they see and how they feel. This will allow them to improve on their discussion skills in all areas.